My Biggest Regret as a Mother

My son has been a great sleeper since birth. But what does that mean? What makes Monté a great sleeper? Is he sleeping all by himself? No. Is he sleeping through the night? Never – and he’s almost 9 months old. [Read more…]


Monté’s Teething Party

♥ Monté, I dreamed of you before I had you 

These past 8 months with my baby boy have been more than I could have asked for. I have never felt more grateful and happy. I cherish him in a way only a mother can understand and just want to celebrate all of his milestones. While I don’t like the idea of rushing a baby’s developments, I couldn’t wait for him to cut his first tooth so that I could plan his Atamhatik. An Atamhatik is an traditional, Armenian teething party, where a baby’s first tooth is celebrated. In this tradition, you cook wheat or barley and drizzle it on the baby’s head to symbolize him or her having healthy teeth. The baby then gets to choose amongst a set of items which symbolize what profession he or she will have in the future. It is simply for fun, and is in no way intended to be taken too seriously 🙂

On Saturday, August 5th, my little 5.5 month old handsome stud cut his first tooth! I waited 2 months before having the actual party because I wanted him to be able to sit on his own, and also I wanted to wait until this Los Angeles heat wave cut us some slack – which it did not do! 
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